B2B Sales Intelligence
Delivers Timely Actionable Insights
To Increase the Productivity of Your Social Selling

ByPath is a new generation B2B sales intelligence tool.
With just few hours to deploy and no data entry required, sales people love it. And it's even known to increase CRM use.

Are you under pressure to embrace digital transformation? Bypath can help!

ByPath processes and analyses content from over 200,000 web media sources (Big Data).
Designed by sales people for sales people, ByPath supports social selling for better lead generation, prospecting and closing deals.

ByPath Solves Your Challenges

Hard to Define Target Audience

More and more people are getting involved even in the smallest B2B purchasing decisions.

Long Sales Cycles

More people won't answer your calls or emails.57% of the buyers’ journey is done before a sales rep is involved.

Ongoing Change of Personnel

Decision makers change more frequently leading to a change in requirements. The risk is your solution might no longer be needed.

ByPath is a tool that combines big data with market intelligence to create actionable insights. It works in the background 24/7 and creates opportunities for YOU to reach the right people at the right time. 

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Big Data + Sales Intelligence

Every day our algorithms analyse huge amounts of data to provide sales teams with meaningful and critical information to help their business!

Lead Generation

Receive key business buying signals in your markets every day.  ByPath establishes connections between you and your team’s networks in relation to the target market of your choice. Even when you don’t know who to target, ByPath can help!


Choose the best strategy to engage your targets. Use Social Selling routines to separate yourself from the rest and secure more business with less time spent on searching for information. Imagine what topical timely conversations can achieve?!

Closing Deals

Identify the strengths and threats of your ongoing deals. Stay close to decision makers even when they change because you can have  better conversations with your prospects and customers. That will lead to positioning you as the preferred supplier.

CRM Update

Imagine getting detailed information about companies you are interested in streamed to your CRM at  the push of ONE button! With ByPath, you can stream data straight from the web into your CRM with ONE click of a button. No data entry necessary. 

Connect ByPath with your CRM

Power your CRM with a single click to get new leads, contacts and companies

ByPath's Key Metrics

ByPath brings together the best of both worlds: big data sourced online from social networks, along with structured, high quality company data from Kompass.

Media Sources

"I was MORE impressed than I expected"

68% of sales and business professionals like you give us similar feedback that they were impressed more than expected after an initial ByPath presentation. This happens so often because ByPath is a type of new technology, which has to be experienced to believe it’s actually possible. ByPath is a purposely created solution for B2B sales, particularly complex B2B sales with multiple decision makers involved and a long sales cycle. If even only part of your sales are complex B2B sales, ByPath is likely the right fit for you.

Imagine a sales tool which does 8-10 hours of work for you week after week and you don’t even have to do data entry, not even push a button to make it work.

Once set up (only takes a few hours), ByPath actually works 24/7 digging up insights about your target market, your clients and even competitors, so that you can have timely meaningful conversations more often. You know the value of sales intelligence. Now you can reap the rewards of extra knowledge without hard effort to get the information.

And the best part? ByPath proposes an action plan with every alert. Of course, you’ve got to see it for yourself first – just follow this link to book a presentation now.

What Bypath clients say

« Using Bypath has meant we’ve saved the costs of a full time employee for every team of ten »

Nicolas Rouzé
Manager New Leads Generation, Bouygues Telecom Enterprises

« The more we use CRM, the more we are interested in business intelligence solutions to help us to better understand our contacts. »

Xavier Monmarché
Commercial Director DOCAPOST

« To digitize our sales processes DOCAPOST needed an additional tool to link to CRM in order to make sales actions more fluid and more efficient. The salespeople wanted to be able to simply capture the information on their prospects and identify the decision makers in a few clicks and without seizure! 3 actors of this deployment testify! »

Nadia Metlaine
CRM & Digital Project Manager DOCAPOST

« We needed a tool that gave us a 360 ° vision to gain commercial efficiency. »

John Doe
Account Key Account Manager ETI and Key Accounts

« We use ByPath every day! The power of the tool allows us to have very useful information on our core target market. »

David Finkiel
Sales and Marketing Manager, Dardelin Conseils

ByPath NZ & Australia Team

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