3 Steps to Reach Your Business Goals with Digital

In today’s digital age, digital transformation of the sales force is obvious and is just a matter of time. It is becoming impossible to ignore digital tools for prospecting on social networks which assist to achieve business objectives.

No longer can technology be ignored by sales teams. The obvious solution is to put technology to work and assist with increasing the efficiency of sales!

Big question on everyone’s mind is – where to start?

Discover three steps to successful technology deployment:

“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein

1. Support your sales people on the way to digital transformation

As much as digital disrupts the behavior of consumers, it also bound to revolutionise business. Over-informed customers, saturated markets and fierce competition make the work of salespeople more complex.

Beyond traditional sales person, today’s consumers are seeking a real partner capable of offering a tailor-made offer, a personalised support and an ability to react fast depending on situation at hand. That presents massive challenge for sales teams at every level and especially when it comes to B2B sales.

Sales reps must be able to add real value by quickly providing the expected information while adopting an expert one-to-one approach. The digitization of the sales force is a necessary step to adopt a customer centric vision: to counter competition and reduce the buying cycle, the sales force must co-create the offers in relation with the end user and provide a memorable buying experience.

2. Digitalization of the sales force: equip yourself with effective tools

To enable the digitization of the sales force, the sales must be equipped with adequate tools:

A  powerful CRM

It allows to keep track of all exchanges between the salesperson and the customer: calls, e-mails, meetings, proposals  and so forth. Essential to the management of your business, the CRM gives a real-time view of the customer portfolio, opportunities business to seize but also the activity of employees.

Apps can connect to the CRM to automatically escalate all business prospecting information, and earn your business up to 10% productivity!

A business intelligence solution to support social selling

Social selling coupled with a commercial intelligence solution will allow your salespeople to exploit the full potential of social networks. 75% of the decision makers are present on these platforms. After having built their professional branding, your sales will be able to identify these decision-makers and personalize the contact! The business intelligence solution allows the sales team to create more engagement with its social media targets through the harvesting of contextualized shopping signals.

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Cooperation between Sales and Marketing

Creating a synergy between the marketing team and sales people is essential to support the digitization of the sales force. Reconciling salespeople and marketers makes it possible to get out of the organization in silos and to conduct a more qualitative prospecting by making the transition of qualified leads from marketing to sales more seamless.

3. Turn your salespeople into business partners

Bringing the desired product or service is not sufficient anymore.

Salespeople must now use their business partner cap to optimise the purchasing process by working on several aspects:  personalisation and monitoring of the relationship; anticipation of needs advice and recommendations.

The sales people must be able to analyse the behaviors and the purchasing signals to have effective levers of action for a more precise and personalized commercial management.

Having the right information at your disposal is good. And knowing in which context to use it, in particular thanks to the Insight as a Service, makes it possible to really stand out!

The digitization of the sales force requires tailor-made support by sales departments. But your dirty ones also need powerful tools! To face these new challenges, sales intelligence coupled with social selling are essential assets!


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