About Us

ByPath Has Been Designed
by Sales People for Sales People

ByPath is a B2B sales intelligence solution based on the smart analysis of Big data. Designed by sales people for sales people, ByPath provides you with relevant business information, which takes into account the unique characteristics of your sales environment. Assisting you at every stage of the sales cycle with: lead generation, prospecting and closing deals.

Now in case you’re wondering how ByPath began, here is a bit of a history. The company started in 2013, and then the founders spent two years on R&D before launching in 2015. In 2016 ByPath joined forces with Kompass International and then went on to win the HP award for the most promising startup in Europe of 2016. Now it’s available in 16 countries, and we represent it in New Zealand and Australia.

Did You Know
What Happens on the Internet in 1 min?

Did You Know
Today's Challenges of B2B Sales?

ByPath has been created to respond to the key challenges of today’s B2B sales that are so familiar to everyone involved in complex B2B sales. These key figures represent trends which will continue to affect B2B sales and will increase the gap between old school sales professionals and those who recognise new approaches to B2B sales, like social selling.

Launched in 2015
ByPath is now available in 16 countries including NZ and Australia