ByPath For Consultants

We get asked a lot about who can benefit most from ByPath.

Check out a case study here for a real life example.

ByPath brings a different flavour of value to different audiences.  And it is just perfect for consultants of every kind, regardless of the size of your business. Check out the very end of this page for more ideas.

Are you still reading a newspaper in a hope to catch a hint which will pave your way to the next contract?

It’s a great strategy which worked for you for years.

Trouble is… there is no longer one newspaper you can read. It’s not 100, it’s tens of thousands of online sources, each presenting the possibility of an insight vital for your next project. Maybe even a potential threat for your current project.

You won’t even know where to start looking half of the time.

And speaking about time, who has time to read more than one newspaper with your morning coffee?

Meet ByPath, the next generation Sales Intelligence solution designed to read not one, but over 200,000 media sources on line to deliver valuable insights you are so used to seeking in the morning newspaper.

Check out a case study here for a real life example.

Oh, maybe you are not in sales. That’s even better, because you are not hunting for sales, you’d rather uncover opportunities and reading the newspaper is one of your strategies which works well, doesn’t it?

Guess what?

ByPath can and will “read” the internet for you, delivering valuable timely insights, so you can do what humans do best, communicate. Yes, with ByPath you have more time (estimated extra 8-10 hours each and every week) to reach out and speak to the right people about what is on their mind now.

Does it get any better than reaching out to the right person at the right time?

Even if it sounds too good to be true, we urge you to be open minded and request a ByPath demo today.
Experience the difference of technology in action, where you don’t have to do anything else but reap the rewards.

Why is ByPath a great solution for a consultancy firm of any size?
Because it might be the only sales and marketing tool the firm needs.

Why are leading European consultancy firms from auditors to IT taking ByPath for all their partners/consultants?
Because it allows them to capitalise better on past relationships without too much effort. And growth of the bottom line is proof that it’s working.

Don’t wait until the use of ByPath will become commonplace and you will discover yourself at the same level playing field as your competition. Step up to stay ahead.

There is a possibility ByPath does not suit your new business acquisition style and you can only discover it by exploring it in action.