For Sales Teams

ByPath for Sales Teams

ByPath combines team networks, helping its users identify the most suitable routes to approach target companies, as well as analysing business experiences to find links between people in order to identify relevant contacts.

The power of a combined team network means that personal connections of individual team members amplify the ability of the whole team to reach the right people in targeted companies.

And while every sales person has their own target territory, access to a combined network guarantees stronger connections when it comes to prospecting, nurturing and even closing the sale.

ByPath will identify and suggest new and relevant prospects that may fall outside of your business network, creating new relationship opportunities and potentially generating more business.

ByPath provides key information that focuses on the links between a prospect and the user’s competitors, customers and partners. Reviewing the career paths and relationships of these target contacts, ByPath can then help users to create more successful sales strategies.

Many ByPath users find the power of team network to be the most attractive feature of ByPath.