Professional Services

About Dardelin Conseils

Dardelin Conseils has specialized for 27 years in consulting and business training developing and delivering customised training projects. They target corporates with sales teams ranging from 20 to over 1,000 people.

Dardelin Conseils expertise covers 4 areas of activity:

·         Business to Business (B2B)

·         The Business to Consumers (B2C)

·         The customer relationship

·         Commercial Management

Project Objective

To support its commercial development, Dardelin Conseils wishes to acquire a simple and effective prospecting solution that can generate leads and quickly identify new strategic contacts in order to enrich its database.

Enrich Marketing Automation Solution

The volume of contacts generated by ByPath is colossal.

Once a lead is detected in ByPath, it is added to Iko System Marketing Automation platform.

The connection between these two solutions is very convenient for our structure. This allows us to engage the interlocutors with an automated email and animate them according to prepared scenarios.

Success Story

“We use ByPath every day! The power of the tool allows us to have very useful information on our target heart, thanks to the reconstitution of the organization charts. With nominative emails and access to their profiles on social networks, we can push personalized messages to all our prospects.

Moreover, ByPath is a very ergonomic and user friendly solution. Navigation is efficient and the handling easier. “

David Finkiel, Marketing and Commercial Manager Dardelin Conseils