Q & A

Absolutely not!
In fact ByPath encourages CRM use, because it gives actionable insights. These insights are presented in form of alerts with clear suggestions on what to do.

ByPath gets information from publicly available sources, which includes over 200,000 media websites, local, national and international media, industry organisations, blogs, and social media.

Today every company and every person is rapidly becoming a media source in their own right. That contributes to an increasing volume of information now known as Big Data. It’s a lot of information and realistically none of us can keep an eye on what’s going on.

That is why the sales intelligence tool ByPath can assist with uncovering valuable insights relevant to your interests.


In 2016 ByPath partnered with Kompass International to have access to structured current information about over 20 million companies from 65+ countries. This partnership assures ByPath is able to bring up to date business information to enrich quality of insights.

ByPath can connect with any CRM through an API.

When it comes to Salesforce, ByPath connection allows the user to access most ByPath functions from inside Salesforce.