Sales Intelligence

When engaging with a prospect, every bit of information helps.

That is why since the beginning of times, sales professionals are seeking every little bit of information they can secure about the prospect, especially in B2B sales. Every element of personal information might prove to be useful and used to build stronger rapport with the prospective client.

With an ever growing volume of information in today’s digital world, sales professionals rarely have the time or resources to search the web and find all the informational nuggets relevant to the deal. It becomes a really time consuming mission that all of us dread.


In addition, modern purchasing decisions are generally made by more than one person, it can be a whole buying committee — so sales need to do even more additional work of mapping out the key stakeholders within an organisation to understanding the needs of each person in order to drive a deal to a successful closure.

Meet ByPath, the next generation Sales Intelligence Solution allowing sales professionals get actionable, timely insights on the people you want to sell. First you want to build better relationships, don’t you?

Discover ByPath for yourself and then decide how much time and how much value you can get by letting ByPath do your work for you, while you sleep, eat, play, travel … or maybe work more. You can do whatever you want and achieve more with ByPath by your side.