Social Selling

Humans are social beings by nature. We are hardwired to seek approval and advice from those around us—this is no different when it comes to the way we buy and sell. In fact, the only difference is that now we have resources to capitalize on this social element, making us smarter and more intuitive in our approach.

Around 67% of the buyer journey is digital, and decision makers read at least 5 pieces of content online before making a purchase—making today’s buyers informed and hyper-connected. Social selling is your opportunity to get involved in the purchasing decision by creating conversation and education throughout every stage of the buying funnel.

ByPath is a productivity tool supporting the Social Selling routine for busy sales professionals – check it out today to discover a new world of freedom, freedom from internet search in favour of better conversations with your prospects.

Social Selling is More Like Fishing

«  Social selling is not limited to creating a profile on social networks

 Social Selling is the fact of taking advantage of internet and social networks to find good prospects, engage smartly with them and establish solid business relationships and reach yours objectives»