Since 1997, Bouygues Telecom offers Fixed, Mobile, Internet, Network and Cloud communication solutions to businesses and professionals. Present in Paris and in the region, the 600 employees of Bouygues Telecom Enterprises support their customers in the choice, installation and monitoring of their telecoms and IT solutions.

They rely on more than 70 authorized Bouygues Telecom distributors throughout the country.

Souphaphone Ortega, B2B Market Manager, and Nicolas Rouzé, Manager of Lead Generation, at Bouygues Telecom Enterprises deliver their experience feedback after a few months of use: productivity gains and ROI!

Sales Organisation

Bouygues Telecom Enterprises relies on a sales force of 110. Their prospecting territory consists of 6000 companies with more than 250 employees in France. Each sales representative works in partnership with a member of the lead generation cell in charge of project detection and scheduling.

The ByPath project involves 9 users in pairs with all sales representatives in order to prospect these 6000 companies.

Last Stage of Digital Transformation

The deployment of ByPath is the last step of a digital transformation started in 2015. Currently, up to 30% of appointments are generated via Social Selling. In this context, the objectives of ByPath are to allow a greater effectiveness of the actions of prospecting in particular on social networks:

•    An intelligent watch on the decision makers of each named account (press articles, nominations, interviews …)
•    Identification of new strategic interlocutors
•    Improvement of customer knowledge via access to Kompass data (administrative and financial information, telephone, workforce, turnover, risk class …)

Success Story

•    Immediate adoption: After less than 3 months of use, ByPath becomes the 2nd tool most used by the teams in charge of lead generation. The most used features is the automatic construction of organisational charts and access to information from the Kompass database

•    New business:  The generated alerts have allowed users to approach 6 accounts which were previously locked up with competition.

•    Productivity Gain: The time spent to learn about each account has been divided by 2! No more than 15 minutes is needed for users of ByPath to “mesh” an account (key figures, contact details, identification of strategic contacts …). In the end, this represents one full time employee in time saved over the course of a year for every team of 9!

Key Success Factors

1 / Tailor-made support: From the first meeting, the support conditions are defined to maximise user adoption:
•    Calendar of dates of face-to-face training (Paris, Lyon & Bordeaux)
•    Individualized monitoring of users
•    Group Workshops with teams every 6 weeks
Result: The deployment of ByPath is operational in less than 1 month!

2 / The settings are adapted to the organisation: ByPath considers the environment and the territories of prospecting for each pair. Each piece of information delivered is exclusively focused on their business needs.

3 / Complementarity with the tools in place: ByPath has been identified as the ideal complement to LinkedIn to accelerate the use of Social Selling. ByPath is notably used upstream of the actions to detect key information on the prospects and to identify new interlocutors, LinkedIn being more exploited as a preferential communication channel to engage them.