The Impact of Big Data on B2B Sales

Big data. Just the word may seem impressive and for good reason: big data is a data monster. Do you imagine the amount of information that passes through the web every day, every minute, every second? Big data does more than imagine. It accumulates and stores them to infinity … and it’s a real boon for B2B commerce.

Big data: volume, speed and variety
Without knowing it, you already participate in big data. Your CRMs are composed of a multitude of customer data, your professional profiles are virtual identity cards … Today you face a growing volume of data just waiting to be exploited.

To define big data, we often talk about 3 V:

Volume: it is a mass of data that continues to grow every second;
Speed: information accumulates in real time and makes some data ephemeral;
Variety: information comes from multiple sources (social networks, press, blog …).
The notion of data has given way to that of big data at the moment when social networks have entered the web. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Gmail, Instagram … All have helped to develop, year after year, a huge amount of information on Internet users. Today, each individual has become a media in its own right, what about you?



In 2018, what happens every minute on the internet?



All these data have been and are still a gold mine for the B2C market. Artificial intelligence has already proven itself in B2C marketing. Precursors, marketing departments have been able to exploit social networks through social listening, with tools such as competitive intelligence, e-reputation, consumer insights …

Today, it is the turn of the B2B market to enter the dance. With big data, your sales will be able to rely on this mass of information and data to identify prospects, anticipate sales but also risks. Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the codes of traditional selling. It’s up to you to be one step ahead.

Cold calling: B2B prospecting deadlock
Cold calling, or “calling in the hard,” has definitely bowed out. Today, only 1% of calls result in an appointment. And who says meeting, does not necessarily say closing …

Prospects no longer want a blank approach and depersonalized calls, especially since they are no longer alone in their decision-making. On average, it is estimated that now 6.8 people are involved in the buying cycle. More decision makers, but also potential competitors to be faced.

If the traditional prospecting does not work any more, the trade of commercial does not mean far away. Faced with the development of e-commerce, your sales have an invaluable resource: big data. It is up to you to exploit this data to your advantage to turn them into effective prospecting weapons.

The web has profoundly helped to change B2B buying behavior. Today is the sale of changing face. Properly exploited, the big data will accompany the salesman in his strategic and relational decisions. And for that, we will have to stand out.
Switch from cold calling to high value-added prospecting
To take advantage of big data, you have to know how to exploit it. But how to deal with these billions of data? For this, commercial intelligence solutions exist.

Social selling is part of these sales intelligence strategies that allow today’s salesperson to be “on the ground”. How? By exploiting each data of big data to your advantage. With this stream of optimized information, you know how to choose the most opportune moment and the most convincing tools to engage your interlocutors. The processing of information available on social networks and throughout the web by social selling allows you to know your prospects and their expectations perfectly.

You can benefit from a personalized and above all relevant approach. The commercial then becomes an expert who knows how to present himself at the right time and with the right arguments. And from the expert to the partner there is only one step: 74% of buyers sign with the first salesperson who has been able to bring value.


“All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.” – Michael John Bobak

8 reasons to use big data for sales


Stay one step ahead of your competitors
Focus on the right prospect
Customize the relationship
Improve the knowledge of your customers;
Identify early warning signs (SBF: weak business signals);
Anticipate and react;
Engage at the right time;
Create value in your contact.

Predictive analysis: when the algorithms take over
Big data will not stop growing. Its exploitation by the commercial intelligence will be more than ever necessary and will allow to anticipate on many fronts and to save precious time. The use of algorithms will impact B2B sales, both strategically and operationally.

Your salespeople themselves will be able to take advantage of this pooling of data by identifying their own strengths and the business signals of their relationships. The use of algorithms will for example make it possible to assign a sales representative to the sector that corresponds to him the most according to his interests. This is also how he will be able to define himself as an expert with his prospect. The contact, for its part, will be much more natural because of common relations targeted upstream.

Finally, thanks to the multiple data of big data and their predictive analysis, each salesperson will be able to anticipate the levers of influence facing a prospect, in order to quantify the risks while identifying the competition. By leveraging big data, business intelligence can anticipate every step of the buying cycle.

Suggestion: when artificial intelligence proves itself

Amazon: You read this book. You may like this one …

Waze: it is 12 o’clock. An open restaurant is 500 meters on your right.

Google: for your appointment in 1 hour, given the traffic conditions, we advise you to leave now.

The B2B market is not immune to the ever-increasing digitization of marketing and sales approaches. The tools must also adapt. Exit canvassing by telephone, mass mailing and other depersonalized methods. These techniques are deeply detrimental to commercial development and endanger it.

Today, any business, even little aware of the new digital means, is able to seize this revolution in progress. But for that, you have to give yourself the means. It’s up to you to discover turnkey sales intelligence solutions that will allow you to exploit big data.